We define an application server as a software framework that provide both the facilities to build applications as well as the runtime required to run and operate those applications


The are many collection servers deployee, but our product differentiate from all the rest due to the following characteristics:

Model Based

It is model based; when you build an application, you build a graphical model of the application that is shared across all teams. As such, it servers as documentation, it servers and test specification, it servers as design document, etc.

Event Driven

It is event driven; in fact every application is fundamentally viewed as a state machine that react and generates events. This is essential to assure low latency and high throughput.

Generic, not specific

It is generic, not specific; you can build intelligent Network applications, or Diameter application, or SIP applications, or even an HTTp server application; you can also merge all these types into one service/application

Not focused on API definitions

It is not focused on API definitions (like Java JAIN set of specification); it is focused on defining graphically a common model for your application.

Of course, in order to build an application model you need to understand the problem domain; in whatever configuration, with whatever tools, in order to build a telecom application you need to know telecom ( business, protocols, etc. ). But usually the required expertise and responsabilities are split acrss multiple teams ( business, development, testing, operations) and our solution, via the model used by everyone, keeps these teams together; there is no semantic gap between business and developers, between developers and testers, etc.

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By using our application server, you get immediately:

Readiness and prtotyping

we don`t aim a set of use cases rather, out approach is to enable you to fight against uncertainty by allowing to "fail fast" design, prototype, test quickly

Automatic test generation

due to the fact that everythin is based on an application model, we can also generate tests based on the same application model.

Central console for
operations and monitoring


same application model is used for tracing, to inspect application behaviour

Automatic deployment