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Nexus Application Engine Platform

A real time, carrier-grade software platform that simplifies and modernizes the approach to software lifecycle

Shorten analysis, Runnable specifications, Automate test creation, Effective operations

Smart platforms for software development
Our core product, Nexus Application Engine Platform is a vertically integrated, model based and event driven platform that aims to address 3 main obstacles of software projects: semantic gap between project members and stakeholders, uncertainty and versatility of environment and the complexity of problems we must solve.
We do this by providing a complete platform for modeling/designing, testing, execution and operation of software applications
Developed for the last 5 years and deployed in very demanding environments, it has at its core the powerful concept of sharing one model across all actors and all lifecycle stages.
This, in turn, opens up a large set of interesting features: improved communication between project members and stakehoders, automated test production, better observability and live tracing, augmented development teams, flow architectures and software at the edge.

Unified model of the application / service

This is, in a way, the user interface WYSIWYG paradigm but translated to entire architecture and application. Using a model based development with strong testing capabilities we enable short and fast iterations, where consistency between model and runtime is 100%.

Efficient software development lifecycle

Our platform mediates all stages, from design to operations. It enables domain experts to write and prototype instead of writing applications, it provides strong testing capabilities (by generating automatically test cases), it helps operations with observability features and live session/message tracing overlayed on the model.

Our Services

Although we are focused on our product, we provide specialized professional services

Adjunct to Nexus AEP

Any sort of service linked to our products; typically we prefer to work with system integrators but we are involved, on demand, for trainings, kick-off development, transition to production.

Value added services

Value added services for telecommunications, upgrade, consolidate, modernize; we have expertize in real time cost control, data charging, contact center integration, chatbot, signaling (SS7, SIP, Diameter, Radius, HTTP/2), etc

Achitecture & Design

For the hard problems you face with low level protocols inter-working, high throughput and low latency application needs, scalability and high availability, system integration topics.


Obviously, our main research is around our product, but depending on context we can help with automation topics, machine learning (text processing, video analysis/object detection and tracking), fast prototyping to demonstrate protocol interworking or communication exchange patterns


We have a vast expertise in Java environment, functional programming via Clojure, C/C++ development, Javascript/Typescript and variants and VueJS for front end. Also we can help with devops topics such as Ansible artefacts (roles, playbooks) development and testing.


In special circumstances that we can discuss, we can provide operation of your production environment, managing daily activities and regular lifecycle updates.

Our customers and industries

Ukraine (telecommunications), Austria (telecommunications), Belgium (telecommunications), Romania (telecommunications, healthcare, banking)

Why choose us?

01. Experience and expertise
We build software designed from ground up for performance, availability and change. We have customers in 4 countries in Europe, in telecommunications, healthcare and banking industries.
02. Our product - Nexus Application Engine Platform
Our model based, event driven, fully integrated platform allows to develop fast, automate tests and operate easily your applications.
03. Reliability
We deliver on time and on budget!
04. Our engagement process
We commit ourselves only after we showcase the demo / MVP. We support all costs up to this point.

Want to discuss your current challenge?

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