We like to share and capture insights from our customers; the key activity to do just that is to provide consulting services.

However, we only provide consulting for areas that we experienced direclty in our company working for our products:

Software development

We have team that can help to solve complex problems related to high availability, real time processing, event driven systems etc. We work in C++, Java or Clojure in the backend and we work with Polymer (Google Web Components framework) or React in frontend. In fact, we are migrating our frontends from Plymer to React as we speak.

Software testing

Traditionally, the anti-fraud systems are based on witch has four stages.

Integration & Deployment

Continuous integration / continuous deplyment based mostly on Atlassian stack and on Ansible for deployment.

Besides the fact that the solution simply works as a carrier grade system, its main advantages are:

Flexibility and customisation